Kevin Kelley

I have always sought to CREATE beauty. I’ve sought to create simplicity, tranquility, peace, harmony……rage & pain used as CONSTRUCTIVE. I’ve sought to CONVEY essence. I have been fascinated by color, line and shape since I was 3 years old. My NATURAL state is expressive, contemplative, deliberate, compassionate & empathetic. We all have similar bodies, life has similar shapes and colors and yet, no one is the same when you account all the ways consciousness is expressed.

The enigmatic dance of the creator and creation.
Take a moment to think of all your favorite Creators.
Archetypes and shades of the eternal,
all made just a bit more beautiful by the discipline of ART.
The breath of CREATION.
Something that captures the eye to linger slightly longer than realized or intended.
ART excels in dichotomies. WISDOM grows furthest through balance. FRAILTY and strength. DISCIPLINE and sheer abandon.

Similarly, I’ve always tried to cultivate a relationship with the viewer and the ART piece itself. I know what my artwork means to me but when it is shared, it becomes something autonomous and, ideally, a transfer of ownership occurs to the SEER and SEEN.

I hope to portray elegance, serenity, despair, isolation, LIFE-CHANGING ACCEPTANCE and LOVEI hope it is a sight which upholds everyone’s unique and multi-layered journey. I hope it honors individual entities and places on a pedestal, how hard the struggle to express and learn yourself honestly, can be. I have tacitly circled several subjects in the hopes of equal magick. 


I began the coy and schizophrenic endeavor of making MUSIC since I was 16.
I am a musical FANATIC.
I find the sheer delicacy of a finalized POEM to be delicious.
I have several stories within, NOVEL and GRAPHIC.
I have been seeking this of myself since my CREATION.
I welcome with an ever-growing heart,
each and every past which touches my PRESENT.

- K.K.M.M.